“Bethany’s high academic standards and encouragement to participate in extracurricular activities prepared me to handle the intense and rigorous coursework at college while continuing my involvement in extracurriculars.” —Sierra Germeyan (’09), Williams College, ranked the No. 1 liberal arts college by U.S. News and World Report
“Imagine yourself in a car driving to Bethany Christian Schools—the best school ever. I go to this school and it is awesome. Bethany is a really good school because the teachers teach you fun stuff and they teach you about God and the wonderful things he does.” —Joseph, lower school student
“The best investment a parent can make is the education we give our kids. I love Bethany so much that I'd be willing to get a second job if that is what it took to afford it.” —Susana Barajas, parent
“Even though I was not within the top 10 of my class, Bethany fully prepared me for the rigorous course load in college so that I was not only the 1% of freshmen who could solve a difficult Calculus problem, determine a polyatomic ion, or write a 10 page research paper in 2 weeks, but could manage my time to also play sports, serve as editor of the yearbook, and be a friend to my peers.” —Sydney Kehr (’10), Duquesne University

"Bethany served as a launching pad for me as I developed an interest in writing in high school, which led not only to an award-winning semester as editor of the Goshen College newspaper, but a dream internship at Disney. The Bethany community truly set me up for success both professionally and personally." —Katie Hurst (’14), writer/designer on Everence's Creative Marketing Team

“When I moved to Elkhart, I carefully researched educational opportunities for my daughters. Bethany stood above all other options and has proven to be even more than I expected—and well worth the commute. Bethany has helped my family achieve our dream by preparing my two daughters to succeed at two of the top liberal arts colleges in the country: Williams College (ranked no. 1 by U.S. and World News Report) and Bowdoin College (ranked no. 6).” —Jennifer Lucas-Germeyan, parent
“Bethany’s soccer coach had a great impact in pushing me to develop my soccer skills and love for the game. But he also cared for me as an individual and helped me grow as a person and a teammate.” —Femi Hollinger-Janzen (’12), NCAA men’s soccer national champion
“My superb high school education allowed me to begin college with a head start. Bible classes provided an important space for me to ask challenging questions within a supportive faith community. This was invaluable for me and the beginning of a journey that led me to attend seminary after college, with the hopes of someday becoming a teacher myself.” —Jonny Gerig Meyer, 2004 National Merit Finalist