Bethany Christian Schools has been hosting and boarding students since opening in 1954 and formally launched an international student program in 1999. Since then Bethany has hosted more than 140 international students. Bethany is characterized by high academic standards, a mature student culture, opportunities for leadership, a high level of student participation in extracurriculars, traditional college preparatory curriculum, 10 Advanced Placement or dual credit courses, an innovative Interterm, and comprehensive co-curricular programs.  


Bethany Christian Schools is a dynamic learning community that integrates faith development with academic excellence. Grounded in Mennonite values, Bethany equips students for Christian discipleship in the church and around the world.


  • Accredited by Indiana Department of Education, AdvancEd, and Mennonite Education Agency
  • Member of the Mennonite Schools Council (MSC), a network of 35 pre-K through 12 Mennonite schools serving more than 10,000 students in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada
  • Respected by colleges and universities, which seek our graduates


Bethany’s education is effective primarily becuase of the strong leadership of our faculty, who excel in their field of knowledge, hold high standards, and are capable of inspiring students to reach their potential.

  • 64% of faculty hold graduate degrees
  • Teacher to student ratio: 1:12.7
  • Average class size: 18

Global Perspective

Bethany has a legacy of inclusion. More than 12% of our student body are international students and about 25% represent ethnicities other than Caucasian.
Bethany values the many contributions of international students to our community life. We help them integrate into our student body through extracurricular experiences and classroom work.

College Placement

At Bethany the average SAT score is 1655 and almost 90% of our students take the test. That is 150 points higher than state and national averages, in which only 60% of students participate.

Over 90% of Bethany graduates attend the college of their choice immediately, including top liberal arts colleges and universities such as Notre Dame, Purdue, Rose-Hulman, Indiana, Middlebury, Carleton, Williams, and Bowdoin.

Advanced Placement Courses:
    AP Calculus
    AP English Literature and Composition
    AP English Language and Composition
    AP United States Government and Politics.

Dual (College) Credit Courses:
    Chemistry II
    U.S. History
    English Literature and Composition
    English Language and Composition

Graduation Requirements

Bethany Christian Schools works with each individual student to build a personalized graduation plan given their academic background and preparation.
Bethany requires that all students participate in a January Term which allows them to take an experiential learning component and job shadowing in their intended career field.

Religious Affiliation

Grounded in Mennonite values, Bethany values diversity and welcomes all students, encouraging them to seek a faith they can own. Typically, Bethany students come from about 50 congregations, representing 19 faith groups.

Co-curricular Activities

Bethany offers opportunities to simultaneously develop skills and interests in art, theater, music, and athletics!

Athletics: offer 12 highly-successful varsity sports, winning 7 sectional titles and 2 regional titles in past five years.

Fine Arts: opportunities include a performing arts troupe, choir, orchestras, jazz band, string ensembles, hand bells, dramas, musicals, painting, drawing, photography, and ceramics.

At Bethany we expect students to be leaders who think not just of what is happening in the moment, but who anticipate desired outcomes.


In addition to two traditional semesters, Bethany offers a unique educational experience known as Interterm. For one week (between third and fourth quarters), students through grade 11 select hands-on, experiential-learning courses, while seniors take a class trip.

International Student Profile

Bethany looks for students who are:

  • academically motivated and successful
  • emotionally and social mature
  • willing to get involved in activities
  • respectful of world cultures and values
  • respectful, flexible, and helpful in their living situation

Boarding and Application Process

Goshen and Elkhart County

Goshen, Indiana, is known as the Maple City because of its many maple trees. The city offers many diverse cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities, including biking and walking trails, canoeing and kayaking opportunities, and easy access to snow skiing, beaches, boating, white water rafting, camping, and hiking. Goshen has small town values and charm, while offering activities and experiences often found in larger nearby cities. Mennonites, and Amish, were among the early settlers in this area, first arriving in 1831. While you can still see Amish driving horse-pulled buggies on our streets, Goshen is a dynamic and growing community of over 31,000 residents nestled in the center of the northern Indiana county of Elkhart.