Grades 7-12: Click on teacher's name below to access their classes

Gary Chupp
Stacey Farran
Elizabeth Franks-North
Benji Hurst
Aaron Johnson
Eric Kaufmann
Nina Longenecker Fox
Cheryl Mast
John Mast
Matt Miller
Evie Nafziger
Brent Reinhardt
Dale Shenk
Calvin Swartzendruber
Brody Thomas
Amy Thut
Josh Weaver
Michael Yeakey
Renae Yoder

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Grades 4-6: Your teachers will contact you via email

Before the class period starts:

  • Students should be at a suitable place for school work -- for example, at a table without other audio or video distractions and suitably dressed for possible participation in video meetings
  • Computers should be charged or plugged in, and turned on
  • Students should review the schedule above. Grade 7-12 students should click on their teacher's name above and then open the link to their class for instructions.

Attendance is expected and will be taken at the beginning of the period.

  • You are expected to be “in class” just as you would be in a normal school day.
  • If you are sick, have an appointment, etc., please communicate directly with the affected teacher.

Teachers will have “office hours” each day from 3 to 4 p.m. when they will be available to answer your questions or clarify assignments.  

  • Do not expect immediate responses from teachers outside of their “office hours.” There will be times during the day when teachers cannot immediately respond to you as they are teaching another class, or if outside of the school day when they are taking care of their families and other responsibilities.
  • Mentors will be checking in weekly with their mentees. Mentees, please watch for these communications and respond.

Problems or Difficulties

If you are having difficulty with your computer or logging into Powerschool etc., communicate with Technology Director Peter Shetler: